Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Mealplanner- First Week of School

Meal Planning 101: Week One~ First Week of School:

This Week’ Shopping List:
Meats: 2 pkgs. chicken breasts; 2 lb ground beef; 2 pkgs. London broil; Italian Sausage
Frozen veggies- one bag ea: corn, chopped spinach, peas & carrots, whole greenbeans
Hard/thick tortilla chips
2 cans each of cream of chicken & 2 cans cream of mushroom soup (or 2 large cans)
Chicken base ( I prefer “Better Than Bouillon” brand by Superior Touch)
Garlic & Ginger (either fresh, or to save time- buy in tube, in produce section @ grocery)
Cheeses: Mozzarella- shredded; Cheddar- block; Parmesan-grated; Mexican Blend-grated
Dairy: Eggs; sour cream; Milk; Butter
Sausage (patties and links)
Dry pink, red and black beans
Canned tomatoes- diced, crushed and whole (one can each)
Squash (zucchini)
Italian Bread
English Muffins
Pancake mix
Lawry’s marinade (Caribbean Jerk, Baja Chipotle)
Lettuce, etc (salad fixings: celery, carrots, onion, tomatoes- whatever you like)
Pasta sauce
Cornbread muffins
Stuffing mix

Chicken breasts (marinated in Lawry’s Caribbean jerk the night before & bake or grill)
Ratatouille; Salad: Garlic bread

Crock-pot chili; Roasted corn and peppers; carrot and celery sticks; cornbread muffintops

Wild Card Wednesday~ Stir fry chicken and vegies or order in

Spaghetti with meat sauce (made from meat mixture); Garlic bread; Garden salad

Freestyle Friday~ Super crazy nacho dinner or order in

Chicken breast/Stuffing Casserole; peas and carrots; salad

Pot roast, carrots, potatoes, and greenbeans; garlic bread; salad

Recipes to Follow...

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