Saturday, August 24, 2013

This Light Dappled Day

What will we do on this light dappled day?
What shall we do my friend?
What will we do with this light dappled day,
Knowing that dappled days end?

Let’s love to the fullest, my darling friend.
Let’s love from the depths of our heart.
Let them say when this dappled day comes to its end
That we did even more than our part.

That we drank the sweet sunlight
That we danced in the breeze,
That we gave all we had- then gave more
That we sang at the top of our lungs in the night
That our home had an open door…

For dear one, I remind you that dappled days end,
And the sunshine retreats to his bed
Even so, there is hope, my sweetest dear friend
There’s no reason to give in to dread.

As the dapples grow dimmer, and the sunbeams recede
There’s a secret I want to impart
Tho’ the night skies come quickly and cold settles deep
The warmth will remain in your heart

So live life to the fullest
Give all that you have
Today is a gift with an end
Knowing that, my dear one, I must ask you again:
What will we do today, friend?

Tracy Byrd Dickerson, 2013©