Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2010: IN MEMORIAM

Matthew Flocco

Today is the 9th anniversary of September 11, 2001. The media is saturated with pundits that are giving their opinions about the events that occurred that fateful day. I am going to make my points briefly...What happened on 9-11-01 is not about pundits, or politics, or perceptions. It is about PEOPLE. It is about the people that died and their family and friends who will never, ever have them again...In memory of those people, I have attached a list of the names with included biographical information.

Additionally, I'd like to mention one person who died that day who is more special to me because of a connection I have to him. His name is Matthew Flocco. Matt was the only Delwarean to die on 9-11. He was stationed that day at the Pentagon, a huge honor for such a young man, but he had potential and those who knew him knew he was going places. He died that day at the age of 21, robbed of the opportunity to reach that potential. Matthew was the only child of my parents' next door neighbors. We did not know him when he died, but after the government settled his estate, his parents (his only beneficiaries) bought the house next door to my parents. My parents have grown to know this wonderful couple, Sheila and Michael Flocco, and have felt privileged to walk this part of their journey with them.

Here is a series of videos done by a reporter from the Washington Post and aired on ABC about Micheal, a sheetmetal worker who went down and helped rebuild the pentagon.

Here is his hero page. Please take your time to write a comment. I'm sure it would be especially appreciated by his grieving parents.