Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lent Day 19: LOAN


Today's post will be brief, as I am a little under the weather.  I hope that your day was a good one, and that you continue to make the attempt to recite the Shema in the morning and evening. 

Today, on this Nineteenth Day of Lent, I have only a brief observation, followed by minimal commentary. 

As I read my Facebook newsfeed, I notice an interesting string of threads with juxtaposing themes:  

My younger friends post stories of the trials of having small children and my older friends (sorry guys/gals) post stories about how they miss their grown kids, etc.

Most poignant was one I saw recently, posted by a friend from nursing school.  It read something like this:    "I love my kids.  I so miss the days when I was a young mother with small babies."

Today's message is brief:  our loved ones are on LOAN to us from fact, our very lives are.

Today, may you enjoy the people and time that is on LOAN to you to the fullest.

Blessings to you...

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