Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 6~ The Feast of the Epiphany


Today, we also remember the Three Wise Men (Magi) who came from the East and who searched
for the King of Kings on a journey that took about two years (to get to Jesus, and likely another two years to get home)!

They followed a star to a strange, unknown place.

We think of what kind of longing and dedication this must have taken.

We think of how they disobeyed Herod's orders and went home a different way (at great expense of time and money- since the shortest distance between two points is- of course- a line...)

And we MARVEL at their dedication and loyalty to THE KING.

Although they were most certainly not of Hebrew origin, and they did not know The Story or all the fine points and rules of the Jewish faith...they were able to see The Star for what it was and were able to recognise The King for who He was...


Father God, Thank You for Being Our TRUE LOVE...
Thank you for unfolding the story of THE GOSPEL (THE GOOD NEWS)
to our broken, undeserving world.
Thank You for including and incorporating Outsiders in your Kingdom.
Thank you for giving us Beautiful, Shining Goals to follow.
Help us to not lose perspective, not to chase after non-Kingdom oriented goals.
Help us to Follow your son, Jesus.
Help us to follow in His WAY.
Help us to be...
to have eyes that see beyond the trappings of religion...
hearts that see the truth...
and lives dedicated to the King and furthering His Kingdom.

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