Sunday, December 4, 2011

Second Sunday of Advent: An Easy to Do-at-Home Liturgy

Today, We Light the Second Candle:
It is "The Peace of Bethlehem Candle," and it is also purple.

It Symbolizes Peace


Loving God,
We Desperately need the Peace that you have promised.
We know that such peace is only found in Jesus.
Thank you for giving us Jesus.
Thank you for the peace you give us through Him.
Help us to prepare our hearts to receive Him.
Bless our hearts, soften our hearts,
Humble our lowly hearts as we receive your peace.

~Light the Two Purple Candles~

Voice 1: The Second Candle of Advent is the “Candle of Peace”. It is sometimes called the “Bethlehem Candle” to remind us of the place and the preparations that were made to receive and cradle the Christ-child.

Voice 2: The Angels proclaimed: “Peace on Earth!” and announced God’s that God’s intention is to bestow peace upon us through the gift of His Son. Peace is a gift, and we must actively receive it. God gives us the gift of peace when we turn to Him in faith.

Voice 3: The prophet Isaiah calls Christ the “Prince of Peace.” Through John the Baptist and the other prophets, God asks us to prepare our hearts for the Christ-child’s coming. We are like Bethlehem… We decide whether out hearts will be like the Inn- no room…or like the lowly manger- humbly willing to house the King of Kings.

Voice 4: Our hope is in God and in His Son, Jesus Christ. Our peace is found in Him. We light this candle to remind us of the peace He brings us.


Loving God, thank you for the peace you give us in Jesus.
Thank you for preparing our hearts to receive Him.
As this Season of Advent continues, and throughout the year,
Continue to Bless and soften our hearts,that we might continue to Receive,
and then to Re-transmit Your Peace.
Help us to be Your Peace to a World that so desperately needs it.
We ask in the name of the One Born in Bethlehem…

Hymn: Silent Night

~Extinguish Candles~

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