Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Police Sketch Artist rendition of Newark/Stanton Rapist/Kidnapper based on reports from two abductees.


“A 27-year-old woman was abducted at gunpoint…last Wednesday from the First State Surgery parking lot, driven around for five hours, raped three times and forced to withdraw money at an ATM. A 22-year-old woman also was abducted at gunpoint Saturday morning in the parking lot at Sallie Mae and driven around by the gunman, who raped her and returned her to the parking lot 45 minutes later.”
Excerpt from Delawareonline article:; accessed 6-09-10

Remember: All rapists tend to be serial rapists and the behavior of serial offenders tends to escalate with each subsequent encounter.

Please Be On Your GuardWhat to Do in an Abduction

By skygal, eHow
From:; accessed 6-9-10

A majority of abductions do not turn out well. Common sense might say, obey the abductor and he will let you go. This scenario doesn't always happen, especially if you don't know what the abductor's intentions are. Sure, they may just want to rob you and take you to an ATM to withdraw money, but people have been killed after giving the abductor what they wanted. Worse case scenarios would involved an abductor who wants to take you to another location if you are a woman to rape and kill you. Often the location will be a remote one and your chances of surviving decrease. Never go to the second location. Fight back!

Step 1: Don't be distracted! Criminals look for people like you who are talking on cell phones, searching for car keys, and thinking about where you have to be next. You won't get there if you don't stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

Step 2: If your abductor tells you that you won't get hurt if you do what he says, Don't Believe It! Criminals are manipulative and they will say anything to get what they want. Criminals succeed at manipulating you because they are playing off your fear. Be fearless and flight back. Let your abductor know that he will have to work hard to abduct you, and many won't like it because they will realize they can't control you which is why they do it.

Step 3: Regardless if an abductor has a weapon, fight back anyway. Maybe you will only get wounded by fighting back, but it will be worse if you are taken to another location. As the author of this article, I personally experienced getting robbed at gunpoint and the detective working on my case told me to never go to the second location. When I asked about the gun, the detective said run in a zig zag motion away from the attacker and do what ever it takes to escape because a majority of people who are abducted and taken to the second location never come back alive.

Step 4: Take a self defense class. Self defense classes are offered with different scenarios such as being attacked by one or multiple people, rape scenarios, abduction, and dealing with an attacker using a weapon. In self defense class, you get to actually hit, kick, and fight real live people protected in thick padding so you get an actual feel of how hard you have to hit your attacker. You will also get to experience what the attacker will do next so you can practice thinking fast and ultimately being prepared for anything.

Step 5: An abduction will happen fast, so you will have to think fast. Focus on the attackers sensitive areas such as the eyes, private area, and throat. Use your elbows, knees, or car keys as weapons.

Step 6: If you do end up getting abducted in a car, keep your senses about you and be aware of where you are, call 911 if you have your cell phone and start mentioning street names and how you don't want to die because you have children at home. The 911 operator should figure out you're in a bad situation and get you help. Try to signal to passing cars that you are in distress. Worst case scenario, jump out of the car because going with your abductor will be much worse.

Step 7: A cell phone can be a great asset in an abduction situation. Obviously you don't want to tip off the abductor by using the phone in front of him but create an emergency plan using a text message and let all of your friends and family know about it. Your phone should have something like saved drafts or an auto text feature where you can have a message ready to go if you need to send it fast- such as: “If you are receiving this- I have activated my emergency message on my cell and am in danger. Please call 911 for me and have them track me via GPS. For my safety- DO NOT call me back. Your Full Name and Cell Number” Cell phones now have GPS tracking capability and by having a text that tells who you are and that you are in danger will help the police save your life.

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